Déborah "Debs" Rodrigues

Motion Designer
Visual Designer
Web Designer
Nomad <3

A Geek Graphic Designer + Video Editor doing Motion Design while traveling the world

My name is Déborah, like french pronunciation, and I was born in Brazil. My father is a pilot, and I always loved to travel, but I sleep in 5 minutes after I fasten my seat belts, so...there's no way I could follow his steps.

I love art, and my mother said that I was born to be a Graphic Designer. Well, I thought that there was an abyss between a person that likes to draw and the Designer itself. The thing is: She wasn't THAT wrong.

I've experienced every single area in Graphic Design, but the video was my passion. I really enjoy spending my day editing, adding inserts, creating animations, etc.
After years working for youtube channels, I've decided to dive into Motion Design, and that's it! I want to be a Motion Designer forever!

Anyway, being a Graphic/Motion Designer, it opened possibilities like becoming a digital nomad. I've been traveling the world for the last three years, and the whole experience is so amazing that I'm like a preacher of nomadism.


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